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Yin Yang And Diseases

Many a time when you seek Western medical treatment, you will find that certain clinics have better result of curing you. While some you would not want to visit again. Those that prescribed the correct drugs for your Yin or Yang body type, will surely make you healthy again. Western doctors just prescribed the same drugs for a particular disease and used them for the same disease for different person, regardless whether a person's body is Yin or Yang.

Some diseases are hot and some are cold. How do you recognise the type of diseases?

Diseases which are being exposed to cold surrounding became worst are cold diseases. They are Yin diseases. Diseases which are being exposed to hot surrounding became worst are hot diseases. They are Yang diseases.

When a person has high fever, then that person should eat more Yin foods. And if a person is shivering with cold, then that person should eat more Yang foods. People who has skin disease and get worst during a hot day, then that person should eat more Yin foods to improve oneself. There are people who will itch as soon as they enter the air-cond room. These people are Yin body type and they need warm atmosphere. They should take more Yang foods to balance the Yin and Yang factors in the body.

Some people itch after eating Yang foods like chicken, milk and prawn. Their body might be warm after consuming the Yang foods. For Yang body type, taking Yang foods should need to be balanced with Yin foods, like seaweed, cucumber and common salt. This explain why when we order satay (Yang), then cucumber (Yin) will be part of the dish. When you eat fried chicken (Yang), you need to put salt (Yin). When you cook seaweed (Yin), you add meat (Yang) to taste.

However, you should be aware that Yin body type range from 0 (neutral) to -8 (highest). And Yang body type range from 0 (neutral) to +8 (highest). So, depending on your range, a person of +8 (high Yang) cannot take too much chicken as compare to a +4 (moderate Yang). Check your Yin or Yang body type here

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