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Tongkat Ali

tongkat ali
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tongkat ali
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Tongkat Ali

Scientific name : Eurycoma longifolia
Malay name : Tongkat Ali
Common name : Long Jack

...they called it viagra of the east but in actual fact, it has other uses....

Properties : The whole plant can be used.
However, the roots is the most potent.
The drink is colorless. It is bitter to taste.

Tongkat Ali is a local herb.
It is grown wild in the jungle.
The locals believe that the drink made from Tongkat Ali is aprodisiac.
Scientists have done research on it and found some truth.

I have personally done an experiment on it.
I took the drink every night before sleep.
It was only after a month that I found that my private was much stiffer.
However, in the jungle, the Tongkat Ali has many uses.
The communist of Malaysia used the herb for treatment of the wounded.

The brew is used for the treatment of the following:

  1. Act as an antiseptic to clean wound. Apply the brew on the wound with cotton. Wipe dry.
  2. The drink is used for malaria and fever. Brew the roots/stems/leaves. Drink as many times as possible.
  3. Act as a "cooling" drink for heatiness.
  4. Indirectly after prolong use, it can be used to relieve rheumatism.

Characteristic :
Y-properties : YIN (suitable for Yang body type)
Height : Tall tree up to 10 meter.
Distinguish Features : Unbreakable leaflet when crushed.
Found : Grows wild in jungle.
Commercial: Available in capsules (saw dust as well as extract), wood chips, 3-in-1 powdered drinks.
Beware :Do not consume saw dust capsules because our stomach could not adjust to the raw hard wood. Beside it can cause complication of the stomach.

Use For : Aprodisiac or heatiness

  1. Cut the roots into small pieces.
  2. Put several pieces in a cup.
  3. Pour boiling water into the cup.
  4. Cover the cup.
  5. Drink when cool. Bitter to taste.
  6. You can continue to pour boiling water until the bitterness of the drink disappear.

Use For: Antiseptic used on open sore or wound

  1. Boil the roots.
  2. When cool, apply the solution directly on the sore or wound.
  3. Reapply when necessary.

For those with Yin body type, you can add coffee or ginger to lower the Yin properties.
It is best to take extract or essence of Tongkat Ali.
But how pure is the extract is beyond our knowledge.
I would recommend making your own drink from raw tongkat ali.
The product supplied from us are high in quality and what you see is what you get.
Order Now and try it!

Always Take Good Care of your health!
Health is Wealth!


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Feedback from customer:

"I've bought another 400gm Tongkat Ali by paypal. As I told you before, Tongkat Ali is good for my father's body that's why I buy it again. Thank you.
Best Regards, "
J Lai

(From Taiwan & dated Oct, 2005)

"At 60, tongkat ali can really increase my intimate relationship with my spouse. I have improved on the frequency, ejaculation and stiffness. Thank you for your recommendation."
David Brown

(From California, Nov 2005)

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